Got hard questions?  

  Need understanding, and relevant answers?

  Ever had a difficult time finding a Pastor who would sit down with you?  

  Or offer perceptive counsel out of the Word of God? 

  At Cornerstone, Pastor Velie personally travels to people’s houses or other comfortable, and convenient locations to have one-on-one or group Bible Study. Pastor Velie has a number of different studies. Whether you are in need of counseling, or wrestling with difficult questions, or just want someone who cares about you and your family to visit and pray Pastor Velie can help! Either young or old, rich or poor, have never been to a church before, or have been attending regularly for years he has something for everyone. Also, that reminds me about one of the best part it’s Free! Imagine having the opportunity to weekly talk to a licensed minister, and receive Biblical counsel for Free! Pastor Velie doesn’t flinch when tough topics are discussed, and also enjoys helping people like you. Don’t wait! Call to schedule your own personal study that is designed to help you and your family make it to heaven!
“And how shall they hear without a Preacher?” 
Call Pastor Anthony Velie (772)-473-8400